Enabling Rapid Development of Secure,Real-Time Distributed Applications

High Speed Information Delivery Over Available Bandwidth

Applications written using the PulsaX platform make best use of the available bandwidth to ensure true real-time delivery of information. Other platforms achieve high-speed delivery but at a cost: huge bandwidth requirements or unreliable delivery - PulsaX achieves efficient delivery without such sacrifice, by providing:

Assured Delivery of Mission Critical Data

Just as the postal system allows the sender to choose the appropriate delivery class for their message, PulsaX provides several delivery classes so that the message can be sent according to the appropriate balance of speed versus delivery assurance. Proven encryption technology and integrity checks ensure that messages reach their destination unseen and untouched by a third party.

Branch Networks and End Client Interconnectivity

Flexible addressing over a vast address space means that the PulsaX system architecture can be configured for any requirements, from a complex organisational branch structure many layers deep, to an extension of the organisation out to the customer, enabling competition through the provision of innovative electronic services.

High Availability and Robustness

The Internet has extended the reach of corporate networks, enabling the provision of new services over this public medium; it has also exposed applications to an inherently unreliable infrastructure. Tight signalling ensures that PulsaX devices respond to connection failure appropriately, whatever the underlying network. Backup devices can be configured to automatically and immediately take over should a device become unavailable due to network, hardware or software outage. The message queuing in the highest delivery class ensures that primary devices will automatically regain control as soon as the outage is over. This type of software-level fail-over/fail-back allows highly available and robust systems at a far lower cost than hardware solutions.

Rapid Development of Distributed Enterprise Applications

PulsaX enables the developer of distributed applications to create real-time functionality without the need to consider, or even understand, the idiosyncrasies of the underlying network. It provides the developer with those services required to get messages to their destination - in confidence, without corruption or manipulation, wherever that destination may be. In addition, PulsaX provides powerful user interface, branding and data, database and memory management services. Access to the programming interface is provided in a number of formats to provide maximum flexibility in the assignment of programming resources to a development project. In short, the developer has more time to spend on building the business logic of the system, allowing the rapid development of Distributed Enterprise Applications.